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Stop looking up information on a comparable address over and over again. Now you can access and use the comparable information from your past appraisals to save time on comps research with new appraisal reports. Easily search and transfer comparable data from your past appraisals. This process removes the hassles of maintaining a database manually. It will allow you search for comp and listings information and front view photos that you have used in previous reports.

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Included with RealEasy Appraisal subscription.

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  • Super simple to use!
  • There is no database to build from scratch. All of the old comparable information previously saved in your reports is available to you
  • Customize your search screen with "tiles" that you can add and remove.
  • Search fields auto-complete as you type to save time
  • New comparable information is cataloged every time you save a report
  • Search result tiles show key information along with the property's front view photo
  • Additional property information is available by clicking Show Details
  • Add a specific comparable information to your report by simply dragging the tile to an empty slot on the right side of your computer screen
  • Easily clear a comparable information from your report with a single click





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