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A fast, intuitive sketching tool for the residential or commercial appraisal professional. Whether you are drawing or editing a sketch, you will not find another sketch application that uses fewer keystrokes.

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Included with RealEasy Appraisal subscription.

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Product Feature Highlights

User Interface
Easy to Use
Sketch32 towers above the competition when it comes to ease of use, drawing speed, and integration with RealEasy Appraisals.
Draw Homes in Half the Time
With multi-layer drawing and a picklist for fast text entry, reduce your drawing time significantly. Draw using the mouse, keyboard or easy to use tool bar.
Seamlessly calculates areas
Quickly posts the square footage calculations into the appraopriate fields of the appraisal form. RealEasy Appraisals provides the confidence you need to know that every appraisal is delivered with accurate square footage documentation.
Save Your Sketch as an Image
You can now save your sketch files as images; JPEG, BMP,PDF, PNG, TIF and e-mail your images to real estate agents for use on their Web sites and brochures.


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