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Looking for easy, seamless MLS integration, customized for you? Then you want Grab-It! Exporting data from your MLS, then importing it, isn't easy or seamless. Only Grab-It allows you to transfer data instantly to your report from MLS with the click of a button.


To get started:

Call 800-528-3445
or Email sales@wca-inc.com


System Requirements



User Interface

Customized the way you want it.
With Grab-It you have complete control over how your data is formatted. We setup Grab-It based on your input so If you want the word "Central Air Conditioning" to be abbreviated "CAC" and appended with the data from "Heating", we can do it.
Integration with RealEasy Appraisals
Grab-It works hand-in-hand with RealEasy Appraisals and will transfer data to any form available. 
Works with RealEasy Photos Plus
With Grab-It you can transfer MLS data to your RealEasy Photos Plus comp database instantly. 


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